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Community Council

St Fagans Council currently has 9 councillors representing the community. These councillors do not get paid and they kindly give up their free time to help local people and the community. They represent the local residents by campaigning for and against local issues. Together they run the community council.

The Council holds a meeting each month, usually on the first Monday of each month (unless that is a Bank Holiday, in which case it will be normally be the second Monday) in the Village Hall, starting at 7.00pm. Members of the public are welcome to come along.

The council is financed by levying a precept on Cardiff Council each year which is collected as part of the Council Tax. The precept is used to run the council, for the general up-keep of the community area and for helping with the costs of maintaining the Village Hall. (More information is available on the Finance pages.)

Elections to the Council are now held every 5 years. Members of the new Council that came into place in May 2017 will serve until May 2022.